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Tired of those frustrating Mosquito bites? Then Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil is your only effective natural solution to get rid of Mosquitoes and prevent bites. There is no processing of Cinnamon Oil. It's steam distilled without any additives.

Preventing Mosquito bites especially if you live in a tropical area like Florida could mean life and death. Everything from Malaria to Dengue fever could be prevented.


Cinnamon Oil makes the most effective natural Mosquito repellent known to man. It's well documented to kill Mosquito larvae. For example, a 15% Cinnamon Oil to water ratio kills the larvae in 6 hours, while a 5% solution killed the larvae in 24 hours. This tells us that Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a powerful anti Mosquito solution. It's natural and very safe but you must dilute it properly. A little bit of Cinnamon oil goes a long way.

This study done for a commercial product showed that Cinnamon Oil based products was the most effective Mosquito's repellant formula. If you look closely at the study it also has 13% Eugenol, which is the magical ingredient that is effective against Mosquito's. Our Ceylon Cinnamon Oil has 75% Eugenol content.


To use Cinnamon Oil on your skin it must be diluted to 1%. That means 1% Cinnamon Leaf Oil to 99% Water. Do not exceed this level! Anything more and it will irritate your skin. Yes it is very tempting to put an extra bit of Cinnamon oil, but like Chili it gets hotter and hotter with time. So be very careful.

Combine and transfer into spray bottle. Be sure to shake well before each application. A standard plastic spray bottle is fine, but small fine mister spray bottles also make excellent easy to carry dispensers.

You are not going to die if you put 3% in the mixture, but anyone who has touched hot chilies and then touched their genitalia will attest, you will be hopping around on one leg for a while. Not to worry even at 1% it is very powerful. And shockingly effective.

The best part is that Cinnamon Oil smells great. Now if you get tired of the Cinnamon smell you can add it to your sunscreen lotion or other creams. However doing so may reduce the effectiveness of Cinnamon as it's smell gets diluted with other scents. What makes it a good Mosquito repellent is its smell and the level of Eugenol content, a compound known to act as anti-bacterial and powerful insect repellant. Dilute the smell and the Mosquito's will bite you.

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Cinnamon Oil to Water Dilution Chart
Amount of water Amount of Cinnamon Leaf Oil to be added. You have three choices. Use oz, teaspoons or drops to measure the correct amount. Whichever you are comfortable with.
4 oz water 0.04 oz Cinnamon Oil
1/4 teaspoon
24 drops
3 oz water

0.03 oz Cinnamon Oil
1/5 teaspoon
18 drops

2 oz water 0.02 oz Cinnamon Oil
1/8 teaspoon
12 drops
1 oz water 0.01 oz Cinnamon Oil
1/16 teaspoon
6 drops
Cautions : Please remember mixing more than 1% Cinnamon may cause skin irritations. It's won't kill you, but it will irritate your skin slightly or create a burning sensation. For more information on side effects click here.





Please remember at the 1% Cinnamon Oil to water ratio it will not kill the Mosquito. It will merely repel them. Killing them instantly will require higher concentrations. Also remember Cinnamon oil need may need to be reapplied every few hours as the oil evaporates.

Warning : Synthetic or Natural insect repellents should not be consumed by pregnant women or women trying to conceive. And this applies to Cinnamon too, which can cause uterine contractions and result in premature birth. A small minority of people can be allergic to Cinnamon so check with your physician.

Also visit the National Association For Holistic Aroma therapy on how to use essential oils.

Mosquito Repellents

Cinnamon Oil Cinnamon Oil Leaf oil smells great, safe when diluted to 1%, cost effective and easy to apply on skin, plants and clothing. However must be re-applied every 2 hours or so.
Citronella Oil Great for outdoor areas especially when you are having a party and need to protect a lot of people. For skin use use high quality Citronella essential oil. may irritate skin and cause dermatitis in certain individuals.
Soy Oil Apparently quite effective and makes a great moisturizer.. Slows the growth of body hair. If you are balding, maybe not such a great idea. Lasts about 1.5 hours.
Catnip Essential Oil Research seems to indicate it is 10 times more effective that DEET. Finding it is hard. Smelling of CATNIP could have all kinds on unintended consequences with cats.
Neem seed Oil Effective if you like the smell but hard to find.
Lavender Smells great but not that effective.
Garlic Works great but how much garlic can you eat. Not very practical to spray on the body
Oil of Eucalyptus Effective but needs a 40% Concentration level
Cedar Oil Limited Use. Not long lasting.
Peppermint Limited Use. Not long lasting.
Lemon grass Limited Use. Not long lasting.

While when used properly DEET is apparently safe it is still a commercial pesticide that may have unknown repercussion with extended use. Not recommended for use under clothes. More recent indication although not conclusive says DEET is hazardous to the brain and nervous system. Symptoms have included headaches, tremors, weakness, paralysis, slurred speech, emotional/behavior changes, seizures, and even death. More common symptoms are skin rashes, blistering, or an allergic reaction.

Picaridin Has proven to be as effective as DEET and more pleasant to use because it is odorless with a light, clean feel
Metofluthrin Clipped onto a belt or clothing, it relies on a battery-powered fan to release the mosquito repellent into the area, surrounding and protecting the wearer. It is not applied to the skin.
IR3535 Effective. Chemical Product.



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