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Features & Benefits of
Ceylon Cinnamon Oil to Remove Black Ants

  • Fast - Works within minutes
  • Keeps away all other house insects like spiders, roaches, rats
  • Cost effective. All you need is 1% Cinnamon Oil with water
  • Child safe
  • Pet friendly
  • Exotic scent that boosts alertness
  • No oily residue. Works like a fine perfume.
  • Non staining on 99% of surfaces
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe to spray anywhere including your fruit bowl, fruits, ant covered cakes and desserts.
  • Can be used outside and inside the house
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Multiple uses - disinfects the house, use for aroma therapy, athletes foot wash and much more.

As with all things ultra pure & &concentrated, Cinnamon Oil should be diluted to 1% so it won't irritate your skin or if you are spraying it on food like fruits. Besides more than 1% Cinnamon Oil is a waste. It's that good.

The smell of our pure Cinnamon Oil is concentrated and extremely powerful. Avoid smelling it directly when undiluted because you can become a bit light headed by the power of it. In some people the heart rate can go up so it is important that you dilute it before smelling it. Make sure you dilute it to the 1% before you smell it. At this dilution ratio (which is all you need) it won't irritate your skin and smells great.

Wear gloves when you handle concentrated Cinnamon Oil. It's hot like Chili powder so if you get it on your hand in concentrated form it will start irritating your skin like the sensation you get with Chili powder. Wash you hands with soap and water if you touch the concentrated oil. And don't touch your genitalia (guys take note). We forgot to wash hands and were hopping around for a while.

If you want to spray Cinnamon Oil on food especially an ant covered cake or fruit bowl, use a fine spray mister bottle like this one on the left. Then wait a few minutes for the ants to leave and you can eat your cake.

Do not spray too much as this will make the cake a bit too spicy with the Cinnamon Oil and ants might just drown in the spray oil and be unable to leave. Just a whiff of the oil is enough to make the ants leave.

Make sure you shake the bottle before spraying as oil and water do not mix very well. Remember, no more than 1% Cinnamon Oil.

About Blacks House Ants

Blacks ants are common in dry areas or where there is sandy soil. They are approximately .06 inches long and can be a real nuisance. Their stings are mild but technically they can still contaminate your food and transmit disease. They love anything sugary, nectars, flies, dead roaches, small insects and fruit.

Although they are mostly black in color, some can be a light brown color. Black ants are social creatures, living in colonies of Queens, males, larvae and infertile female worker ants. When a Queen brings her colony into a house, the infestation is mostly annoying and does not usually represent a health threat. But you should get rid of them because they get into food and ruin it.

get rid of black ants

Best Practices to control House Ants

  • Clean and put away all food in tight containers
  • Wipe down countertops, cupboards floors with Cinnamon Oil
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down embedded food
  • Do not leave dirty dishes with water in the sink
  • Spray Cinnamon Oil in water filled flower vases
  • Spray entry points such as doors, windows and cracks with Cinnamon
  • Try to trace the ants to source and spray nest

About Carpenter Ants

It is the larger black ants, also called carpenter ants that represent a serious problem. They nest above ground in cavities and can destroy the materials (structural wood, insulation, sheathing and so forth) that surround their nests. Thousands of dollars in damage can be caused by a single carpenter ant nest as it grows. Usually they forage outside the house for food and water. However during late winter and early spring they can come into your living space, looking food since an outside source of food is not available at these times. They are scavengers and predators who will take whatever food they can find.

Best practices to control Carpenter Ants

1. Regular Inspections - Inspect the exterior of your whole house (including roof) regularly especially during the warm months, Look for ants moving around in a single file and trace it back to the origin.

2. Remove Plants - Do not put plants against the exterior walls of the house. It should be at least 12 inches away as ants can use plants as a bridge to jump over any perimeter treatments.

3. Clean Crawl Space - Keep the crawl space under your house clean and free of any debris so it is easy to check and does not create any nooks and crannies that ants can build colonies under. Block off any entry points so animals don't get in, die and offer plenty of food for the ants.

4. Regular Perimeter Treatment - Spray the Cinnamon Oil where the house siding overlaps the foundation.

To date we have only used Cinnamon Leaf Oil to control only black house ants and the larger black carpenter ants. We have not tried it with red ants. It is certainly worth a try. But since it's outside, a commercial bait is a good risk, unless of course you have children who will play on the soil that you will put the bait on.

cinnamon oil cinnamon oil cinnamon oil cinnamon oil

PRICE : $18

Tired of those annoying and frustrating black ants that get into everything? Get rid of black ants quickly and effectively with Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Cinnamon Oil is the natural and non toxic child & pet friendly way to get rid of black ants. Just a dab of Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil will get rid of black ants without ruining your food or poisoning your house. It works in minutes.

Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil is an extremely cost effective way to get rid of black ants. Our high quality 2oz Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil bottle should last you for years because it has 75% Eugenol content. It's all natural and not the usual diluted or blended Cinnamon Oil or synthesized Cinnamon extract.

Only real Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil works as a black ant or insect repellant. It has a lovely exotic scent that is also a powerful anti bacterial. You can even spray the diluted Cinnamon Oil (1% Cinnamon Oil to 99% water) with a fine spray mister on that black ant covered cake or dessert.

Just a whiff of the Cinnamon Oil is all you need and the ants will run, leaving your cake alone. No need to drown them out. Just a little squirt. And the best part is Ceylon Cinnamon Oil has many other health benefits and applications. so you can use it for multiple purposes, not just for ants.

Why does Cinnamon Leaf Oil Work Against Ants

Because Cinnamon leaf oil upsets their sense of smell. Ants rely on a chemical scent known as pheromones to find food and send signals back to home base. When you spray Cinnamon Oil, it destroys this communication system so ants avoid Cinnamon Oil. Eugenol is the magic ingriedent in Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil that makes it so effective. And ours has a minimum of 75% Eugenol which is near the maximum you can get.

A 100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil solution will instantly kill an ant on contact. But you don't want to do that. You want the ant to go back to their nest and create panic. And for that a 1% Cinnamon oil solution is the answer.

An ant that comes back to the colony smelling of Cinnamon leaf oil is going to create pandemonium because they have no information about the food source, the smell of Cinnamon is pretty over powering to other ants and the ant begins to die slowly creating further panic. The Queen will then decide to leave the area never to return. That means a diluted Cinnamon Oil formula is very effective. However if you find the ant colony, especially the Queen, a 100% Cinnamon Leaf oil can instantly kill the Queen.


How to Use Cinnamon Oil for Black Ants

For inside the house and kitchen counter tops

Mix 1% Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf oil with water in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. For kitchen counter tops use a wet micro fiber cloth to wipe away the spray. It's that simple!

Under the kitchen or bathroom sinks is a good area to spray because ants love a good source of water. Look for any cracks on the walls and spray these areas too. Spray on your baseboards because ant colonies often hide behind baseboards. Create a Cinnamon perimeter around your house so ants don't come in. That means spray around the edges of your windows and doors.

And don't forget to check your cupboards. There might be an entry point inside your cupboards or maybe there is a tasty food source. Best is to take out all the food, wipe down the surface and put back the food enclosed in tight containers. If you are feeling lazy you can spray a squirt of 100% Cinnamon Oil on one wall of the cupboards (don't wipe) and close the cupboards without taking out anything. That should make the Ants leave pretty quickly. Don't worry. It's food safe.

Remember only real Cinnamon Oil works against black ants. Artificial Cinnamon extracts or blended Cinnamon oil will not work against black ants. And Cinnamon sticks are not strong enough against black ants. Only pure high quality Cinnamon Oil with high Eugenol content will work against ants. Eugenol is also the magical ingredient that makes Cinnamon Leaf oil ant-bacterial, anti microbial and a powerful natural insecticide.

Easy Cinnamon Oil Dilution Chart
24 oz Water 0.24 oz Cinnamon Oil
(1.5 teaspoons)
16 oz Water 0.16oz Cinnamon Oil
(1 teaspoon)
8 oz water 0.08oz Cinnamon Oil
(1/2 teaspoon)
Cautions : Please remember mixing more than 1% Cinnamon may cause skin irritations. It's won't kill you, but it will irritate your skin slightly or create a burning sensation. For more information on side effects click here.

For Carpenter Ants on exterior or under house

For the more serious carpenter ants, apply the all 1% Cinnamon Leaf Oil mixture into exterior wall voids and completely around the structure. This creates a barrier that ants will not cross to forage for food. A wall void is the space between the wall studs (the wood pieces) that are filled with insulation. Sometimes you will just have to drill into these wall voids, spray the cinnamon oil and then reseal it.

You might have to or want to increase the spray dilution ratio to 5-10% for exterior applications. Yes that is stronger than the 1% indoor spray solution to take into account of the higher evaporation rate of the outdoors. The ratio to mix is a judgment call based on striking a good balance between cost and effectiveness given various environmental conditions like wind, rain, humidity and the like. If you have a crawl space under the house you will have to get underneath to inspect and spray.

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