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The only Cinnamon candle that uses premium 100% pure Cinnamon Bark oil instead of the blends or artificial scents used by the majority of candle makers. It has a warm and comforting aroma with a hint of Citrus.

This is a 4 oz candle made with a propriety blend 100% Natural Soy Bean and Bee’s wax with an estimated burn time of over 36 hours.

While most candles have 2-3% essential oils, our candle has 6% essential oil content for better aroma diffusion and maximum scent throw. That means there is no need to use a chemical scent enhancer common to many candles.

Our candles are healthier than paraffin wax candles because they won’t emit toxic chemicals when burned. Lead free cotton braided wicks also makes the candle burn cleaner with little or no soot. That also makes it easier to clean if spilled.


  • 4oz tin with safety lid
    (Squeeze together and then twist to open)
  • Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil and Citrus blend
  • 100% Bee's wax and non GM Soy for a 32-36 hour burn time
  • Cotton braided lead free wick with low soot levels
  • 6% essential oil for better aroma diffusion
  • Zero chemical enhancer's
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • White candle without hazardous color pigments
  • Made in USA


This candle uses the finest ingredients including ultra exclusive Ceylon Cinnamon bark oil commonly used in fine chocolates and cookies. A handy travel size candle that lasts a long time and has very low soot levels and superior aroma diffusion.


We use a propriety blend of 100% pure Bee's wax from North American Apiaries, while the non GM soy comes from US farmers. Using waxes from renewable resources holds them to a higher eco-friendly standard than those from paraffin or paraffin blended with vegetable, Bees wax, palm or soy wax.

The wicks used in these candles are cotton braided and contain no lead. These wicks have been specially designed to work with natural waxes and play an important part in increasing burn times and aroma diffusion. That means this 4 oz candle will last an incredible 32-36 hours. We have even got it up to 39 hours on occasion.


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