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Ceylon Cinnamon sticksCeylon Cinnamon sticksCeylon Cinnamon sticksCeylon Cinnamon sticksCeylon Cinnamon sticksCeylon Cinnamon sticks

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Premium quality C5 grade 3 inch Ceylon Cinnamon sticks. Ultra-low Coumarin levels, exotic aroma, none irradiated and salt free. Quality Ceylon Cinnamon with low Coumarin content. Sealed in our new triple layer stand up pouch to better protect from UV damage, seal in the freshness and a durable zip lock for repeated opening.

Our Cinnamon sticks represent some of the highest quality Ceylon Cinnamon sticks we could source and exceeds the SLS-81 export quality standards. Chosen for their color, shape, small size, quilling density, foxing %, fresh taste and aroma.

Please note because Ceylon Cinnamon is mild you will not get an immediate aroma as you open the pouch. Break the stick in half and then you will then get the aroma. A very refined aroma compared to the pungent cassia type cinnamon. Boil it into a tea and the aroma and taste comes out even more.

Ceylon cinnamon sticks (or quills) have many thin layers. It is perfect for making Cinnamon stick tea, infuse in soups and stews. Check out our recipe section for amazing recipes.


  • 3 oz. (net) 100% Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
  • USDA Organic
  • 3 inch long C5 Grade
  • New heavy duty stand up pouch bag to protect from UV damage
    and helps it last much longer
  • Durable zip lock seal
  • 0.0016% w/w Ultra-low Coumarin Levels
  • Features fragrant aroma and unique sweet taste
  • Crumbly and easy to break for use in tea, stews, curries, soups
  • Zero salt (Sulfur Dioxide - Not bleached)
  • 1.7% V/W volatile oil content
  • 3.6% Total ash | 14.7% moisture | 0.12 % Acid insoluble ash
  • Heavy metals tested to well within acceptable range
    Arsenic 0.05 mg/kg | Cadmium 0.06 mg/kg | Lead 0.40 mg/kg | Mercury - Not detected
  • Batch AR212 Best before 09/09/2024
  • Test report for this batch
  • Article - FDA limits for lead in spices


Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are also known as True Cinnamon, Canela, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, real Cinnamon, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Cinnamomum Verum. and Mexican Cinnamon.

Unlike regular Cassia Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are soft, rolled like a cigar with multiple thin strips of cinnamon bark and flake easily for grinding into fine powder (use a magic bullet) or to add into curries or flavor rice or custards.

The sticks are made from the inner bark of the Cinnamon tree by skilled tradesman via a special hand crafted process. The specialized knowledge for this work is extremely limited even in its native Sri Lanka but the end result is the finest Cinnamon in the World.


Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are crumbly, mild, yet slightly sweeter with hints of cloves and Citrus and not hard like the Cassia Cinnamon. If you want a hard Cinnamon stick with a strong smell then you should buy Cassia Cinnamon, which has high levels of Coumarin. Ceylon Cinnamon sticks smells mild but has better depth of flavor and mixes well to create to complex flavors.


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