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Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Take your recipes to the next level with Ceylon Cinnamon sticks. It adds flair and zest to many recipes from soups, stews to plain rice. While the taste of Ceylon Cinnamon is slightly sweet and mild, it is unusually aromatic, giving off the lovely scent of Cinnamon throughout the house.

The very mildness of Ceylon Cinnamon also makes it a very sophisticated ingredient. One that blends with so many other ingredients to create multi layered flavors. When mixed with spices it can be savory, when mixed with lime and certain other ingredients it can be very sweet without any sugar.

If you are a regular Cinnamon user please consider this fine Ceylon Cinnamon over the Cassia Cinnamon which has high levels of Coumarin known to cause liver failure in high doses. You can use the cheaper Cassia Cinnamon for Christmas decorations.

Most Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are used in beverages although it is frequently crumbled and used in Asian curries and fine European desserts.

Many Middle Eastern and Greek recipes use cinnamon sticks. One of our favorites is mulled wine, which really is quite extraordinary. Hot Apple Cider with 2 sticks of Cinnamon is another one of our favorites.

Mexico is another country that uses high levels of Ceylon Cinnamon. This why it is also known as Mexican Cinnamon. Mexico inherited this penchant for Ceylon Cinnamon from spain. As a result their use of Cinnamon in their recipes are complex multi layered affairs.

  1. Custards & Flan - Use cinnamon sticks to flavor milk for custards and flans. Pour cold milk in a saucepan, bring the milk to a simmer and remove from the heat. Let the milk steep with the cinnamon until you are ready to make the custard. Remember to discard the cinnamon sticks before using the milk.

  2. Rice Pudding - Enhance the flavor of rice pudding by using cinnamon sticks. Add the cinnamon sticks to the pudding mixture and cook. Remove the cinnamon sticks from the pudding when ready to serve.

  3. Wine Poaching - Prepare and add flavor to wine poaching liquids for fruits (pears or apples) with cinnamon sticks.

  4. Cider - Make hot spiced cider, wassail punch or spiced tea with a combination of spices that include cinnamon sticks (see Resources).

  5. Coffee and Tea - Brew a pot of coffee/tea by adding pieces of cinnamon sticks along with ground coffee to the coffee maker or tea pot. You can also add cinnamon sticks to cocoa for added flavor.

  6. Flavor sugar - Add flavor to sugar by placing cinnamon sticks in it. You can make cinnamon -flavored sugar by adding 3 to 4 cinnamon sticks to a pound of sugar and storing it for two weeks in a glass jar.

  7. Cinnamon Rice - Cook rice pilaf in a cinnamon-flavored broth by adding one whole Ceylon Cinnamon to the rice cooker when cooking and add some roasted nuts and chopped dried fruit for a savory dish with a Middle Eastern flair.

  8. Asian Curries – Add one stick or half a stick to beef curries, fish or Chicken curries. Ceylon Cinnamon when mixed with curries gives a wonderful savory taste.

  9. Anti Fungal Treatment - Boil a few Ceylon Cinnamon sticks and soak your feet in it to get rid of this pesky Fungal infection. Ceylon Cinnamon is crumbly and easy to break into smaller pieces so you can extract the maximum cinnamon effect

  10. Vegetarian dishes - Ceylon Cinnamon imparts a unique savory taste when mixed with certain spices. Sri Lanka an island with an abundant source of vegetables has mastered the art of mixing Ceylon Cinnamon in many of their vegetable dishes. Because meat was and still very expensive, they have made the their vegetable dishes into one of the tastiest in the world. Creating a fusion of tastes that is truly remarkable and unmatched by any other country in the world for its complexity and diversity.

  11. Cinnamon Orange Water - Boil a cinnamon stick with 3 cups of water, add a slice of orange and you have a healthy hydration alternative that will keep you alert at work. Disinfects your mouth with each sip.

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