We are just a phone call or e-mail away. If you happen to get our answering machine please don't be shy. Leave a message and we will contact you within 10-60 minutes most times. Occasionally it can be a bit longer, but 75% of the time we will call you back within ten minutes. Because we do not outsource our phone calls, we have to do everything from answering calls to loading the merchandize in the warehouse. But we understand you want urgent attention, so we will contact you as soon as possible, especially on those rare occasions something has gone wrong.

For faster service send us an e-mail. We will call or e-mail you, whichever you prefer. Remember we are in Las Vegas, which means we usually work from 9-5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Tel : (702) 359-2102
e-mail: cinsales

Why don't we place an address on our web site?

Because we have many locations and we don't want you to send a return shipment to the wrong location. We also don't want customers coming to our warehouse in Las Vegas because we are not equipped to handle retail store sales. We also have the same problems you have, like tons of junk mail. We never send mail or e-mail to you. Well, maybe once or twice a year. We figure if you like us, you will keep coming back.




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