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Try our amazing all organic Ceylon Cinnamon Face Mask and Scrub for softer, brighter skin. Perfect for face, hands, feet and neck. Formulated with our USDA organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, organic honey and organic orange oil.

The fine 100 mesh cinnamon powder offers the perfect smoothness for an incredible face mask while retaining the fine granularity for great scrubbing action. Helping to scrub away surface imperfection.

Cinnamon also has a bleaching action, blending patches of skin into a seamless whole, to create an even skin tone without the unsightly dark spots.

As an extra touch we added a dash of Orange Oil. Cinnamon and orange mixes well and gives it a lovely aroma.

The best part about this face mask is that it is edible. Gentle enough for your stomach or face. And its made with Ceylon Cinnamon powder and not cassia Cinnamon, which can damage your liver. And its all organic.

SPECIAL NOTE: Because we use thick, high-quality honey, it will crystallize when cold, and the facemask will be quite hard when you receive it. Immerse the jar in a bowl of hot water for about 60 minutes, and it will soften up. You may have to do this about three times to soften it. Like all natural things, it takes patience, but once softened, this cinnamon mask is absolutely fabulous. Do not microwave to soften the mask. If you keep the jar in the bathroom, the natural heat will keep it soft after the initial warming. Only buy this if you are willing to soften it with hot water. If you don't want the chore of softening it, adding a bit of water to your palms and putting in a bit of the cinnamon facemask paste will also soften it.


  • 5oz (140g) net
  • Made with fine 100 mesh USDA Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Organic US honey and Organic Orange Oil
  • Use for softer, brighter face, neck, hands and feet
  • Improve acne conditions while nourishing the skin
  • Helps give an even skin tone
  • Cleaner and de greaser
  • Suitable for 25 -30 applications
  • Packed in an amber PET heavy wall plastic jar sealed with pressure sensitive seal to protect from the harsh effects of sunlight and excess moisture osmosis
  • Grooved black lid for easy non-slip opening
  • Made in USA


All organic edible Ceylon Cinnamon Face mask made with Ceylon Cinnamon powder imported from Sri Lanka, mixed with US made organic honey and organic Orange Oil

Semi thick consistency - This face mask is semi thick to maximize value. With the recommended 1 tsp. per each application this container is good for between 25-30 applications.

Double Action - Designed to be used as face mask or a scrub or both. Massage into face, feet, neck, hands to act as a scrub. Especially good for feet.

Versatile - Equally effective for face as well as hands, neck and feet to give you softer, brighten skin.


Bleaching Action - .Cinnamon has the effect of bleaching your skin. For brighter clearer skin with reduced blemishes and dark spots.

Scrubbing Action - Our fine 100 mesh Ceylon cinnamon powder delivers fine particles that is strong enough to remove dead skin yet gently enough not to cause excessive skin abrasions.


Recommended for use once or twice per week. Excessive use may reverse the beneficial effects and scratch your skin in excess. A small minority of people, especially people with very pale white skin maybe allergic to cinnamon and orange oil resulting in redness or skin irritation. Others may be allergic to honey. Always test in increments. Do not purchase this product if you suspect you may have these allergies or cannot stand even slight skin irritations. Not for use on children.


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The FDA has not approved Cinnamon to cure any medical condition. This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. Consult a physician before taking any Cinnamon. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a heart condition you should definitely not take Cinnamon.


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