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A lovely collection of 12 empty essential oil bottles (does not contain any oils) that our customers have requested. In blue glass to protect your essential oil from sunlight, yet with just enough transparency to see the liquid level in the bottle.

If you are mixing a few drops of Cinnamon Oil with water for scenting the house to get rid of odors, the spray mister bottle is great for this. Perhaps you want to mix a combination of essential oils for something special? The spray mister bottles works best for this too.

If you need a glass dropper for adding a drop of Cinnamon Oil to something, then pour some of your cinnamon oil into the 1 oz. glass dropper bottle and use, especially since our essential oil bottles do not come with a dropper option.

The pump bottle might be useful for your other projects. Perhaps a custom hand lotion you might want to create at home.

The 1/4 dram bottles are great for mixing and experimenting. Add a drop of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil to Shea butter to make a lip plumper. Apply with cotton swab. Hot and spicy. The possibilities are fun.



Made with blue glass, these bottles are ideal for mixing and using cinnamon essential oil. The Blue bottles provide light protection so that your cinnamon oil will last longer. All bottles are glass except the pump spray bottle which is plastic.

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