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This Sri Lankan style Murunga (Moringa) curry is one of the most most delectable healthy savory dishes you are ever likely to encounter. Infused with Ceylon Cinnamon, Tamarind, turmeric and other select spices. Also called the drumstick tree, the Moringa tree is quite unusual to western eyes.

The only way to eat it is with rice. Sorry low carb friends. But the health benefits will negate any downsides of carbs. According to healthline the Moringa sticks have high levels of Vitamin C. Discover more about the whole Moringa tree from this beautiful illustration Whatever the benefits of Moringa the amount of spices in this recipe especially Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric and curry leaves is bound to deliver a high dose of health.

While the sticks are cooked with the seeds you generally do not eat them as they are bitter. You have to get your hands dirty as you hold the stick with your hands and then scrape off the soft inner flesh with your teeth. The curry sauce get infused with the taste of the Moringa, giving it a savory creamy tasty with the addition of coconut milk. Which is why rice works well to soak up the curry gravy. Once you eat the soft flesh, you can tightly suck on the drum stick to get all the remaining juices out of it.

In Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Times: 30 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Level: Medium




  1. Lightly peel a thin layer of the outer skin. Do not peel too much. You need to leave some of the green outer skin which adds flavor and retains some of the health properties.

  2. Cut the peeled murunga sticks into 2.5 inches pieces, discarding 1/2 an inch from each end.

  3. Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil into a deep pan and let it heat on medium. About 5 minutes.

  4. Now add the mustard seeds and wait for it to start popping. About 2 minutes. Add the onions and let become soft. About 3 minutes.

  5. Add the turmeric, red chili powder, green chili slices, tamarind, cumin, coriander, salt. Stir it up and let is cook for 2 minutes.

  6. Next add 2 cups water, cover and cook for 15 minutes.

  7. Finally reduce heat to medium low, add the coconut cream and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

  8. Remove from stove top and let it rest and absorb the flavor of the ingredients in the Murunga sticks

  9. Serve over rice with other vegetables and optimal meat or fish.


Unlike ordinary Cassia Cinnamon you find in the stores, Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels, so it won't damage your liver, especially if you are a regular Cinnamon tea drinker. Besides Ceylon Cinnamon is mild, yet slightly sweeter. It's not spicy like store bought Cassia Cinnamon, but has hints of cloves and citrus with a wonderful subtle aroma.

Ceylon Cinnamon is subtle and adds to create a more complex flavors. You would never know there is Ceylon Cinnamon in this dish, unlike Cassia Cinnamon which tends to be harsh and immediately makes its presence felt and often ruins the recipe.

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