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Explore the delicate flavor and the heady aroma of the World's best Ceylon Cinnamon Powder from the Island of Sri Lanka. USDA Certified organic and imported in small batches to maintain freshness. A high quality 100 mesh cinnamon powder. That makes it silky smooth on your tongue with none of grittiness of other Cinnamon powders.

Perfect to add into tea or coffee. Maybe sprinkle a little on sliced apples, orange or watermelon. Even better in an Apple Blackberry smoothie. But it comes into its own in hot pancakes or Cinnamon French toast as the heat releases the aroma into the air and waters your mouth.

Packed in a triple layer stand up pouch with an oxygen barrier. That means it is protected from sunlight, moisture and high heat to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. A high quality zip lock seal makes it easy to open and close without the frustration of a torn bag. The stand up pouch makes it easier to store and takes up less space.



100% Certified USDA Organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder

This powder is cool (not cold) ground into a fine 100 mesh powder. Grinding in an air cooled grinding machine ensures more of the flavor and oils are preserved.

This 100 mesh powder is finer than ground cinnamon powder. That means there is far less grittiness and makes it easier to add to your coffee, tea, fruits and baked goods.


Taste - Delicate subtle flavor with notes of cloves and citrus. Not overly spicy and harsh like Cassia Cinnamon but unmistakably true Cinnamon. Blends well with many ingredients to create rich multi layered flavors.

Aroma - Refined fragrant aroma especially when heated and used in hot food like pancakes, cakes, muffins and French toast.

Common Uses - Add to tea, coffee, sprinkle on fruit (especially Apple, citrus orange, tangerines and watermelon, make fruit smoothies, specialty cocktails, pancakes and French toast.


Daily maximum dosage of Cinnamon per serving according to the US department of Health is 6g (1.25 tsp) or less for a maximum of six weeks. Ceylon Cinnamon has ultra-low coumarin levels. Ordinary Cassia Cinnamon available at your grocery store has high levels of Coumarin that can damage your liver. Click here to learn more about Coumarin in Cinnamon.



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4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars
By linda peyton huff on December 11, 2015
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This is a very good product.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great cinnamon
By Amazon Customer on September 11, 2015
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Many uses for ground cinnamon. I love Cinnamon Vogue's Ceylon products.

5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious & Uber-Yummy Scent!
By BeAGreenBean on June 13, 2015
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First time I've been wowed by cinnamon. The scent of this product is incredible and the taste profile...mmmmmmmmmm!

5.0 out of 5 stars I love this ceylon cinnamon powder & the tea bags
By julie on April 8, 2015
I love this ceylon cinnamon powder & the tea bags. the company, Cinnamon Vogue, is easy to work with & informative.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By Carol on January 23, 2015
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Excellent. Love this product. Will buy again. Fast delivery.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By K.Web on November 16, 2014
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The FDA has not approved Cinnamon to cure any medical condition. This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. Consult a physician before taking any Cinnamon. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a heart condition you should definitely not take Cinnamon.




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