Not all teas are created equal. To make a good tea you need high quality tea leaves. The larger the tea leaf, the better the quality of the tea.

What you get in the supermarket are tea bags made of tea dust. Tea dust is cheap and mostly the byproduct of the main harvest. Large tea manufactures use tea dust to make tea bags. Tea dust gives good color but lacks flavor. You can only get real flavor from larger leaf teas that have been carefully selected.

In order to combat this lack of flavor, some manufactures blend a tiny bit of premium tea (usually Ceylon Tea) with their tea dust. But this can only go so far. To make a good cup of tea you need larger leaf teas.

However putting larger leaf tea in a tiny tea bag was a problem. Which is why our pyramid bag is so useful. It allows us to put a larger leaf tea into a tea bag. Not just larger leaf tea. Premium Ceylon Tea. It has the space for the tea leaves to expand as it brews. Our Nylon mesh tea bag is durable enough to let more water in. It doesn't deteriorate as the tea brews. There is space for the tea to circulate. When the leaves interact with the water and circulate, it releases the pure essential oils that make for a good cup of tea.

Our tea is also infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil. An ingredient that is so expensive that it is only used in the finest foods production systems in the world. But together with our premium black tea, its makes for an amazing tea. A tea that has great character, flavor, color and a sophisticated smell. Just like a good wine.





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