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We think we have made a sublime Cinnamon toothpick. An artful blend of Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil. The Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil gives it that super hotness and the Bark Oil adds flavor and a slight sweetness. Careful, they are hot but that is what our customers wanted, so we made it.

Why Cinnamon toothpicks? Well if you just had lunch with a girlfriend or boyfriend this could save the after lunch kiss. Not only does it freshen your breath, Cinnamon has anti bacterial properties that will reduce the amount of germs in your mouth.

If you are a smoker, this is a real great anti smoking aid. Keeps the mouth busy with that hot taste. The more you chew the hotter it gets. Don't chew too much. Just to keep that edge off so you can quit.

Taste the goodness of 100% Natural, real Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks which are free of sugar and calories. Accept no substitute. We also found a great tin container in just the right size to keep about 200 tooth picks. This container with a hinged lid keeps the toothpicks fresh and air tight and the toothpicks keep you fresh and bright. These are 100% Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks. Not the usual Cassia Cinnamon with its high Coumarin content. If you are chewing you might as well as get the good stuff.


Note : The label on the can say Ceylon Cinnamon Flavored toothpicks. This means these toothpicks are flavored with real Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Bark Oil. It does not contain any artificial or natural flavoring.


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