cinnamon toothpicks 

1. Fresh Scent

Do you constantly have bad breath? These lovely cinnamon toothpicks are the answer to a clean feeling and smelling mouth. These hard toothpicks are great for cleaning your teeth. The Cinnamon oil that is soaked into the toothpicks comes out gently the more you chew on them.

2. Great Alternative to Smoking

Many smokers have this taste in their mouth from the cigarettes. This creates a horrible odor which these Cinnamon toothpicks will help alleviate. But more importantly, they can be used as a replacement for smoking. Start slowly by giving up cigarettes during the day and chewing on Cinnamon toothpicks and only having a few in the evening when you are home from work. Slowly over time you will find the Cinnamon toothpicks have replaced your smoking habit.

3. Reduce Snacking

We all go through it. Eating too much. Chewing on Cinnamon toothpicks and drinking a glass of water is a great way to stop excessive snacking. Doesn't mean you should stop snacking. Snacks are important, but excessive snacking, especially junk food is dangerous. And you know snacking without brushing your teeth invites more plaque build up not to mention making your mouth smell awful.








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