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cinnamon pine cones cinnamon pine conescinnamon pine cones

We show you the proper way to make Cinnamon scented pine cones with authentic Ceyon Cinnamon Bark Oil. It gives off a wonderful aroma and gets rid of any insects lurking inside the pines cones. Perfect for making fabulous Christmas displays for the house. Give it as a gift to friends and family.

Nothing beats the exotic scent of authentic Ceylon Cinnamon bark Oil which has the of true scent of Cinnamon unlike Cassia Cinnamon Bark Oil which is the pretender to the throne. A tiny bottle of Ceylon Bark Oil goes a long way and can also used for scenting the whole house as well or for flavoring food.

The tradition of scenting pine cones originated as a form of natural insect control. Pine cones can have tiny insects, spiders and other creatures living inside them. Real Cinnamon Oil has powerful has anti-bacterial properties as well as insect repellent and killing properties. Spraying the diluted oil and sealing it in a zip lock bag will get rid of any unwanted insects and disinfect the pine cones.


  1. Add 12 Drops of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil to a 2oz Spray Mister Bottle filled with water and shake well.

  2. Liberally spray pine cones with the water and cinnamon oil
    mixture until well soaked. Spray well into the hidden cavities not only to scent properly but to kill off any insects.

  3. Insert Pine cones into a zip lock bag, seal it well and let it dry for a couple of days. This way the aroma seems deep into the pine cones and any lurking insects will die off and cannot escape.

  4. Take out the pine cones and create a beautiful display.

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil





Unlike ordinary Cassia Cinnamon you find in the stores, Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels, so it won't damage your liver, especially if you are a regular Cinnamon tea drinker. Besides Ceylon Cinnamon is mild, yet slightly sweeter. It's not spicy like store bought Cassia Cinnamon, but has hints of cloves and citrus with wonderful subtle aroma.

Ceylon Cinnamon is subtle and adds to create a more complex flavors. You would never know there is Ceylon Cinnamon in this dish, unlike Cassia Cinnamon which tends to be harsh and immediately makes its presence felt and often ruins the recipe.

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