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We show you how to use Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil for aromatherapy, food flavoring, drinks, odor control, as mouth Wash, massage, scenting pines cones and more.

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil essential oil is expensive, ultra-refined in terms of taste and aroma. A drop or two will have a powerful effect. If you want the true aroma of Cinnamon, the Bark Oil is what will gives you that unique cinnamon aroma. No wonder the French perfume industry uses Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil in some of the World's most famous perfumes.

  1. Aroma therapy - If you want to make your whole house smell amazing, 1-3 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil in an aroma therapy diffuser. Don't put more than 3 drops because it is powerful. You will not realize how powerful it is. Too much and it will be over powering and will defeat the purpose. Use during house parties. It will put guests in a good mood and keep them calm and relaxed.

  2. Food Flavoring - Commonly used in the food manufacturing industry by corporations like Coca Cola and the meat industry due to its powerful anti-bacterial properties and food preservation capabilities. You too can use Cinnamon Bark Oil in recipes calling for Cinnamon flavoring. You can use this instead of the cinnamon extract. Cinnamon extract is diluted cinnamon Bark Oil mixed with alcohol. Add a drop or two to cakes, pastries, coffee, bullet proof coffee, tea, and cocktails for flavor and aroma. Do not use styroform cups or paper cups if adding Bark Oil to coffee or tea as the oil will react and burn a hole in the cup.

  3. Beverages - Cinnamon Bark Oil is often mixed in Tea, coffee, milk, health drinks like bullet proof coffee or fruit smoothies for energy. It adds flavor and other benefits. Usually 1 drop and certainly no more than 3 drops because this essential oil is spicy, hot and sweet. Taking too much may drop your blood sugar levels making you light headed. So start with one drop only. Try our special Ketocino water drink.

  4. Odor Control - Love to cook but hate the lingering odors that seem to cling to everything?. Use our ultrasonic aroma diffuser with 3 drops of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil and your Kitchen odors will be gone in 1-3 hours. After all you don't want that smell of fried fish, Curry or Pizza lingering on forever do you? Use for musty smells in cupboards, stinky cars and even shoes. Dilute to 1% with water and spray.

  5. Mouth Wash - Add 1 drop to 8oz of water, preferably to warm or hot water as oil does not mix easily in cold water. Gives a lovely spicy taste and making your mouth feel clean and fresh smelling. Careful. No more than 1 drop.

    Cinnamon Leaf Oil does not smell as good as Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil, but at 1/16 the price for the same quantity we recommend using the leaf Oil for everyday topical applications. Perhaps you can mix a dash of the cinnamon Bark Oil into your Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. It might give your Cinnamon Leaf Oil an extra refined smell

  6. Spicy Massage - Perfect if you want a hot massage oil to stimulate blood circulation, especially to the extremities like feet and for sore muscles from playing sports. Mix with a carrier oil. Here are some recipes using both leaf or bark oil.

  7. Scent Pines Cones - Authentic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is absolutely fabulous for scenting your Pine cones during the holiday season. Click here on how to do it.

  8. Cold feet - If you are one of those people who suffer from cold feet during winter, mix 1% Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil with a carrier oil like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Baby Oil and rub it on your feet. Will keep your feet warm for hours on end.

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Amount of water Amount of Cinnamon Bark Oil to be mixed for topical skin use and disinfecting.
You have three choices. Use oz., teaspoons or drops to measure the correct amount. Whichever you are comfortable with.
24 oz. Water 0.24 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1 1/2 teaspoons
141 drops
16 oz. Water 0.16 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1 teaspoon
94 drops
8 oz. water 0.08 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1/2 teaspoon
47 drops
6 oz. water 0.06 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1/3 teaspoon
36 drops
4 oz. water 0.04 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1/4 teaspoon
24 drops
3 oz. water 0.03 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1/5 teaspoon
18 drops
2 oz. water 0.02 oz. Cinnamon Oil
1/8 teaspoon
12 drops
1 oz. water 0.01 oz... Cinnamon Oil
1/16 teaspoon
6 drops
Cautions : Please remember mixing more than 1% Cinnamon may cause skin irritations. It won't kill you, but it will irritate your skin slightly or create a burning sensation. For more information on side effects click here.


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