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cinnamon coconut shrimp soup
cinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soupcinnamon coconut shrimp soup

Try is absolutely delicious Cinnamon and Coconut milk based Shrimp soup. With a dash of lime, freshly grated ginger and garlic. This is a soup you can serve at a grand occasion.

Designed specifically to be Keto diet friendly with minimal carbs. Sure the carrots have sugar, but the Ceylon Cinnamon will scrub off this sugar in a heart beat. After peeling and deveining the Shrimp we kept aside 5 shrimp heads to add to the soup. The blend of Cinnamon, Lime and Cilantro creates a tangy creamy flavor that will leave you delighted.

Prep Time : 15 Minutes
Cook Times : 20 minutes
Yield : 2 serving



  1. Heat oil in a deep dish pan over medium-low heat. Add ginger, garlic.. Cook for one minute.

  2. Add carrots, coconut milk, 5 shrimp heads, and hand crushed chilli pieces and 2 cups water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes until carrots are cooked. Make sure the heat is set at number 2 on ten scale. Heating coconut oil too much looses its creamy flavor. Besides it will bubble up too much.

  3. Add shrimp and stir until they turn they turn pink. 3 minutes exactly.

  4. Stir in 1/4 cup cooked rice, Lime juice and Cilantro. Cook for 1 minute. Then take off the stove top.

  5. Sprinkle course salt and stir.

  6. Ladle into serving bowls and serve immediately. It cool fast if not served immediately. Have it with with some bread if you are not on the Keto Diet.



Unlike ordinary Cassia Cinnamon you find in the stores, Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels, so it won't damage your liver, especially if you are a regular Cinnamon tea drinker. Besides Ceylon Cinnamon is mild, yet slightly sweeter. It is not spicy like store bought Cassia Cinnamon, but has hints of cloves and citrus with wonderful subtle aroma.

Ceylon Cinnamon is subtle and adds to create a more complex flavors. You would never know there is Ceylon Cinnamon in this dish, unlike Cassia Cinnamon which tends to be harsh and immediately makes its presence felt and often ruins the recipe.

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