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Discover how to use Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil for odor control in the Kitchen sink, garbage bins and vehicles, wipe down counter tops, repel Ants and Raccoons, as a spicy hot massage oil and on plants.

Many people know about Cinnamon but not many people know about the enormous power of Cinnamon leaf oil. It is so powerful that just one small 2oz bottle of our concentrated high quality Cinnamon leaf oil is enough to last a year or more for most people. But always dilute before use. Usually to 1% with 99% water.

  1. Odor Control - This extra strong smelling Cinnamon Leaf Oil although not quite as nice smelling as the more expensive Bark Oil is cost effective and has the extra kick for getting rid of powerful lingering odors. The type of odors that cling stubbornly to you Kitchen garbage bin or toilets. Dilute and wipe down all such surfaces or just spray a spurt at 100% with a moist micro fiber cloth and wipe down. If you are spraying the toilet seat, be careful that it is diluted properly to 1%. It is spicy hot like Chilli powder. At 1% it is fine on the toilet seat. Read more instructions here for toilet odor.

  2. Kitchen Sinks - Do you get that awful smell from your Kitchen sink? Mix 1 tsp. Cinnamon Leaf Oil, 2 tsp Baking Soda with 1/2 cup water. Pour down sink to get rid of nasty odor in the sink and trap. Ideally do it at night just before you go to bed so the Cinnamon Bark can eat away at the odor.

  3. Smelly shoes - Dilute to 1% with water, spray or wipe and let dry naturally. Great for sneakers which tend to be breeding grounds for toenail fungus and athletes foot. Cinnamon Oil will make your shoes smell nice and keep it dry because the oil tends to dry out fabrics. Dilute and use, because using at 100% it will stain your shoes and not to mention being a little too spicy hot on your feet.

  4. Reusable shopping bags - With the advent of reusable shopping, we have new problem. Spilled food espeically from meat that cause nasty odors. Even if you wash them which is not always possible. Next time just spray some diluted Cinnamon Leaf Oil. If it is a cloth bag let it absorb. If it is a thermo inuslated reusabale shopping bag spay and wipe down the inside. Smell gone in seconds plus some other benefits. Chemical free and food safe. Why use chemical to get rid of odors?

  5. Kitchen Cupboards- Add 12 drops to 2 oz. of water in a spray mister bottle shake well, spray and wipe down inside cupboard surfaces with a moist micro fiber cloth to keep away insects. Also great for wiping down the inside of your refrigerator. Spray on cutting boards where meats have been cut. Much better than using chemicals. Even if it gets sprayed on food, Cinnamon Oil is edible and poses no danger. When diluted of course. At 100% it might irritate your skin but it won't kill you or cause serious chemical poisoning.

  6. Ants and Raccoons - By far the best trick to keep ants at bay is Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Ever heard of that old wives tale of using Cinnamon to keep away ants? Well it does work. Using Cinnamon leaf Oil works hundred time better because it is concentrated and far less messy. Read the instructions here.

    If you got Raccoons and other animals on your outdoor garbage bin, spray Cinnamon oil on the lid. You can either create a single line on the outer edges of the garbage bin lid or spray diluted Cinnamon Oil on the lid. Best is to apply a little on the inside edge of the Garbage bin. That way the Cinnamon Oil will not get washed away or dry out in the hot sun. It will keep on smelling strong to repel those pesky animals.

  7. Plants - Great for avid gardeners dealing with aphids. Simply apply a line of 100% cinnamon leaf oil around the base of the tree, and the ants that transport aphids up the tree will not cross that line. Alternatively, you can spray diluted oil on aphid eggs to destroy them. This method may also be useful in keeping raccoons and other larger pests out of your yard and trash bins

  8. Head Lice Shampoo - The spicy hotness of Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil may be useful as an anti head lice shampoo. Lice do not like the spicy hotness. Best to mix 0.5% - 1% with your shampoo or make your own. Be careful because the leaf Oil is hot and spicy. Put too much and you will be dancing around like the head lice too. Do not get it on your eyes.

  9. Foot Care Bath - If your nails and feet are looking a little neglected, enjoy a foot bath by adding 2-3 drops of cinnamon oil and some Epsom salt to medium-hot water. Be cautious not to add too much oil, as cinnamon oil can be a skin irritant and may feel spicy, especially in high concentrations. The Epsom salt will draw out embedded dirt, while the Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil will help improve blood circulation in your feet, reduce the risk of fungal growth on the nails, and eliminate foot odors. . Here are a few massage oil recipes using both leaf oil or bark oil.

  10. Catch a fly - Have you ever tried catching an annoying buzzing fly or other flying insects in the house? Just spray diluted Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil on the fly, and it will fall to the ground within a few minutes as the oil burns its wings. The best part is that it is food-safe, so you can spray it in the kitchen without worrying about any chemicals in your food,

  11. Keep feet warm in winter - Mix a few drops of Ceylon Cinnamon oil with a carrier oil like baby oil and rub it on your feet. It has a spicy hot sensation that will keep your feet warm for hours while promoting blood circulation. It's great for skiers and people who work outdoors in winter. Additionally, you can spray diluted cinnamon leaf oil on the inside of your shoes to prevent odor buildup. Just use a small amount.

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Cinnamon Oil Ratios for scenting
Here are some basic guidelines if you want to use Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil or Bark Oil for personal use. While it is better to use Cinnamon Bark Oil for these listed applications because the sent is more refined, Cinnamon leaf Oil is more cost effective.

Best to scent from the lower end of this scale with the base whether it is hand cream or shampoo because Cinnamon oil is very hot and becomes progressively hotter on skin. On first contact it won't feel hot. So test with low doses and see how it feels over time. For dilution chart click here - Cinnamon Oil Dilution Chart
Bath Salts & powders 0.25% - 1.0%
Body lotions and creams 0.25% - 2.0%
Hair Conditioners 0.5%   - 2.0%
Shampoo 0.55%  - .075%
Laundry 0.25%  - 1.0%
Face masks 0.25% - 1.0%
Melt and pour soaps 0.5%   - 2.0%
Astringents, Toners & Splashes 0.25%  - .0.75%
Melt & Pour Lip Balm  0.5%   - 1.0%


Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, Cinnamomum verum, is relatively non-toxic; possible irritant because of the cinnamaldehyde. Eugenol is irritant to the mucous membranes: use in moderation. Can be a skin irritate, redden, and even burn sensitive skin so use carefully (no more than half drop per bath) Avoid in cosmetics and during pregnancy. Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil has significantly less Coumarin (known to be toxic in relatively high doses) than the common Cassia Cinnamon. Read about the properties and uses of essential oils. Consult a knowledgeable reference for indications and contra-indications before use. Keep out of the reach of children

FDA GRAS essential Oil


The FDA has not approved Cinnamon to cure any medical condition. This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. Consult a physician before taking any Cinnamon. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a heart condition you should generally not take Cinnamon.






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