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Unlike other ginger teas which use other ingredients like pepper to perk it up, this tea only uses premium quality dried ginger, ginger oil, and a dash of Ceylon cinnamon bark oil. All real ingredients with zero natural or artificial flavoring. That means you get the real health benefits of ginger. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar and it will bring out the flavor even more. Not to worry, the ginger and cinnamon will scrub the sugar but keep the taste and health benefits. Here are few tips on the unique ways use our Cinnamon ginger tea.

  1. Pair it with a dessert - Ginger tea is the perfect palate cleanser to enjoy the nuances of your dessert, and both ginger and cinnamon scrub the sugar from your desserts, leaving less guilt. Here are some specific pairings to try: ginger tea with lemon bars for a sweet-tart flavor, with apple pie for a warm and comforting autumnal treat, with dark chocolate for an indulgent and harmonious pairing, with vanilla ice cream for a simple yet sophisticated dessert, and ginger tea with gingerbread cookies for a cozy and spicy treat.

  2. Deep down warmth - If you're looking for a beverage that not only warms you up but keeps you warm for longer, look no further than ginger and cinnamon tea. These ingredients are known to promote blood circulation, leading to a sustained increase in body heat that reaches even the extremities. This makes ginger tea an ideal choice for winter sports such as skiing, camping, or ice fishing, where keeping warm is crucial for comfort and safety. So, next time you're planning a cold-weather adventure, make sure to bring along some ginger tea to stay toasty and warm.

  3. For a sore throat, jet lag sleep - Ginger tea is a great natural remedy to relieve motion sickness, thanks to its stomach-soothing properties. It can also help reduce symptoms of jet lag and fatigue from long-distance travel. Additionally, ginger tea aids in promoting deep sleep, making it an excellent choice when feeling under the weather with a sore throat. Adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar brings out the spicy flavor of ginger, which can help soothe the throat and promote rest.

  4. For improved digestion - Ginger and cinnamon in this tea are a great natural remedy for those who suffer from bloating or an unsettled stomach. These powerful digestive properties help to settle down the stomach, improving nutrient absorption by delaying gastric emptying and removing any bad bacteria in the gut. You'll notice that after one cup, you'll start to burp, which is an indication that your stomach is settling down into a happy state. If you ever have a stomach ache, this tea can provide quick relief, leaving you feeling much better in no time.

  5. Great for motion sickness - Going on a yacht or boat cruise? They say Ginger is the best stomach settler. Take a packet with you, just in case.

  6. Great for travel - Our durable triple-layer stand up pouch pouch, equipped with a heavy-duty zip, is perfect for travel due to its waterproof and space-saving features. Ideal for various activities like camping, skiing, or even enjoying a cold day at the beach. Our tea bags contain real ingredients and potent essential oils that deliver a punch of flavor and benefits. Plus, our pyramid tea bags can be brewed up to four times. As you keep adding hot water, the oils are released, making the tea stronger. Furthermore, the stand up pouch can be reused after the tea is finished, making them eco-friendly.

Do not use this tea for morning sickness when you are pregnant as Cinnamon may cause premature uterine contractions.

Ginger Cinnamon Tea Brewing Guidelines
Water Use Cold Filtered Oxygen Rich water for a better taste.
Brew Time 10 minutes. Leave the tea bag in.
Quantity 1 tea bag for 1 cup
Sugar Recommended to bring out the flavor of Ginger and Cinnamon. However Ceylon Cinnamon is naturally sweet, so diabetics can avoid sugar or honey.
Milk Not recommended as it dilutes the taste and efficacy of Ginger and Cinnamon.
Honey Works extremely well with honey. Do not boil honey as boiling will destroy the beneficial properties of honey. Add honey after brewing as the last step.

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