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Ceylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon Powder

Discover how to use Ceylon cinnamon powder to make your recipes come alive with incredible taste. For sweet recipes, meats, curries, soups and stews and more.

Discover how to use Ceylon cinnamon powder to make your recipes come alive with incredible taste. For sweet recipes, meats, curries, soups and stews and more.

It has none of the grittiness of coarse ground Ceylon cinnamon powder. This powder is a bakers delight, generating an aroma, especially in cakes, that is out of this World. And a sophsticated subtle taste to match, with none of overtly spicy flavor of Cassia Cinnamon.

You can grind Cinnamon powder at home, but it still will not come close to the fine 100 mesh grain size we can achieve with a cool grinding machine. Plus Cool grinding also preserves more of the essential oils in the powder. Ours has 1.1% volatile oil which is excellent.

  1. Bake - Try this Cinnamon powder with any baked goods like Cinnamon butter cake, empanadas, roti and you will be mesmerized with the subtle aroma and wondeful taste. Fruit, cinnamon and baking also works very well. Here are some classics

    Apples: Cinnamon and apples are a classic combination, and often used together in pies, crisps, and other desserts.
    Pears: Cinnamon brings out the sweet and subtle flavors in pears and can be used in pies or poached pears.
    Bananas: Cinnamon adds warmth and depth to banana bread or muffins.
    Plums: Cinnamon and plums can be used together in pies or compotes.
    Cherries: Cinnamon can be used to add spice to cherry pies or cherry compotes.
    Oranges: Cinnamon can be used to add a spicy note to orange-based desserts or marmalades.
    Pineapple: Cinnamon can be used to add warmth to pineapple cakes or bread.
    Mangoes: Cinnamon can be used in mango chutneys or added to mango smoothies for a spicy twist.
    Figs: Cinnamon can be used to add a warm and spicy note to fig-based desserts.
  2. Make stews and soups - When winter comes there is nothing like a stew made with cinnamon powder to warm the whole body. While many people use cinnamon sticks in stews, you can add cinnamon powder to stews, which incidentally gives it more texture as well.
  3. Sprinkle on fruit - Cinnamon works especially well with fruit like Apple, Oranges, Tangerines and Watermelon. Add some flair and subtle flavor to your fruit.
  4. Make Smoothies - The possibilities are endless here. Whether you are training and need an energy-packed drink with the digestive powers of cinnamon or need an interesting way to consume cinnamon powder, a smoothie with minimal sugar is an easy sell for the stomach.
  5. Cocktails - Want to turn it up a notch? Nothing makes a fine cocktail with good quality Ceylon Cinnamon powder. This is refinement at it's finest. Check out how we use cinnamon powder to make a cinnagarita cocktail.
  6. Add to Pancakes or Roti - We have added one cinnamon Roti recipe, a kind of Sri Lanka pancake with shredded coconut which is healthy and easy to make.
  7. Brew into a Tea - While it is best to make cinnanmon tea with the sticks you can use the powder in a pinch, Simply boil your water, add 3/4 tsp of Cinnamon Powder per cup, let to brew for 3 minutes, strain with a coffee filter and drink.
  8. Get rid of that fishy or gamey smell - Fish has that fishy smell, and lamb has that gamey meat aroma. Just add a little pinch of cinnamon, and the bad aromas are gone because Ceylon Cinnamon is a powerful odor neutralizer.
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